Do you feel bombarded by information, yet, less informed?

Shockey’s team of experts are plugged into the latest research and global best practices for local government. We are sharing our knowledge with communities through this Strategic Foresight Hub. The Hub includes a curated list of articles we have recently read by topic area. We hope you use this hub as a place to go to find quality information pertinent to your profession.

Why is it called a Strategic Foresight Hub?

Strategic foresight is a structured and systematic way of using ideas about the future to anticipate and better prepare for change. It is about exploring different plausible futures that could arise, and the opportunities and challenges they could present.  This hub provides emerging trend information, discussion of plausible futures, and potential strategies. As you chart your future, this hub serves as a place for you and people in your organization and community to gain strategic foresight to make better decisions.

Shockey Mission Statement: Help Communities Make Better Decisions

We believe to make good decisions, you need knowledge of emerging trends, the latest data available, and expert advice.  Turn to the Shockey Strategic Foresight Hub to enhance decision-making.

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