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Strong Neighborhoods & Housing Choice

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Housing access, affordability, and diversity across our growing population will be crucial for our community to be resilient in the future. Strong neighborhoods and diverse housing choices will attract new residents and provide affordable housing options for families, young professionals, hourly workers, empty nesters, and people with different abilities from all generations, cultures, and backgrounds. Strong neighborhoods take hold when:

  • Neighborhoods are friendly, welcoming, and community-minded;
  • Existing housing is preserved and protected;
  • Neighborhood character is charming, yet elevated;
  • Aging in place is encouraged and promoted; and
  • Affordable and diversified housing is supported.

By creating and maintaining a variety of housing options, styles, and price ranges, we can cultivate dynamic and inclusive neighborhoods with opportunities for shopping and support services nearby, as well as convenient public facilities such as quality roads, pedestrian connections, parks, and schools.

Critical Questions:

  • How do we encourage affordable housing?
  • What policies diversify housing choices?
  • What is the character of specific areas?
  • How do we preserve and enhance our quality neighborhoods?
  • How do we develop neighborhoods that are charming, friendly, inclusive, welcoming and community-minded?
  • How do we continue to support aging in place?
  • How do we better connect our people in each neighborhood to places they want to go?
  • What housing stock should be preserved?
  • How do we preserve and protect existing housing stock?
  • How can housing contribute to greater density and efficient use of land?
  • How do we define “housing diversity” and “housing choices” in the context of Lee’s Summit?
  • How do we attract, encourage and support diversity in housing choices?

Through our Ignite Comprehensive Planning Efforts, we will explore how to:

  • Encourage affordable housing
  • Consider policies to diversify housing choices
  • Develop an approach to selective, proactive code enforcement
  • Educate the community on resources and opportunities 

The Ignite Foresight Hub will provide important information and potential strategies to help the community answer these questions.

What do you think about how we offer housing choices people can afford?

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