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About Ignite Foresight

Ignite Foresight is the study of the future. Communities with Ignite Foresight identify and evaluate trends and potential developments in their political, economic, social, technological, and legal environments to develop forward-thinking, adaptable plans. In a world where everything is becoming more interconnected, scanning the horizon to create a better understanding increases a community’s opportunity to influence and create a better future.

Ignite Foresight is not about prediction or a crystal ball. Ignite Foresight is about broadening the community’s understanding of the drivers of change. It’s about preparing for the expected and the unexpected. It’s about making the community more resilient, agile, and adaptable.

This site supports community discussions to anticipate future trends, identify plausible futures, and adapt to a variety of changes. The purpose is to generate transgenerational thinking for a variety of topic areas:

Quality of Life
Strong Neighborhoods & Housing Choice
Resilient Economy
Multimodal Transportation
Facilities and Infrastructure
Sustainable Environment
Land Use & Community Design

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