Why Shockey
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Community Focused – 24/7

Our staff aren’t just community builders from 9-5, they’re rolling up their sleeves and making their communities a better place to live and work by organizing and supporting events that grow our future scientists, planners, engineers, and leaders. We organize hands-on events for children sharing our knowledge about people, the planet, and prosperity. We participate in fundraisers and charity work focused on giving people a hand up for a brighter future.

Some Kudos

Along the way, Shockey Consulting projects have taken home some of the big prizes from such esteemed organizations as the American Planning Association, Mid-America Regional Council, Missouri Municipal League, American Public Works Association, and National Association of Clean Water Agencies and the Kansas Department of Commerce.

The Timeline

It’s been quite a ride from a one-woman (and baby) business to a thriving, community-oriented organization with 16 people in two cities. Here are some of the highlights along the way:

  • 1998 Shockey Consulting Services is created.
  • 1998 American Planning Association Kansas Chapter awards the City of Kinsley, Kansas the Outstanding Small Town Planning Project for Shockey’s work on their Comprehensive Plan.
  • 1998 American Planning Association Missouri Chapter awards the Little Blue Valley Sewer District in Independence, Missouri the Outstanding Comprehensive Plan Strategic Plan for Shockey’s work on their Strategic Plan.