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Facilities & Infrastructure

Safe, efficient, and reliable public facilities and infrastructure allow for a community’s ability to grow and prosper in a sustainable manner. To continue providing the high quality of services our citizens have come to expect, we need to improve the resilience of our facilities and infrastructure. We can do so by creating smart, innovative infrastructure that is safe, secure, sustainable, and can recover quickly from disruption. Sustaining and enhancing our facilities and infrastructure will:

  • Protect our high quality of life
  • Enhance performance
  • Optimize accessibility
  • Increase community vitality
  • Address community needs
  • Effectively service people today and well into the future

The past decades have brought tremendous growth to Lee’s Summit. While growth continues to create new opportunities, careful planning is required to ensure that the financial and environmental impacts are not a burden on future generations. For long-term resiliency, our facilities and infrastructure must be designed and maintained in a manner that can accommodate disruption and future growth.

Critical Questions:

  • What infrastructure is needed to support the community’s vision of the future?
  • What technologies should be planned for and implemented to enhance quality of life, infrastructure performance, and sustainability?
  • Which public facilities are needed to support the community’s vision of the future?
  • How will new building techniques enhance quality, performance and sustainability?
  • What new funding sources or mechanisms are needed?
  • Are there opportunities to improve or expand City services through new technologies? Through partnerships with other communities, agencies or organizations?

Through our Ignite Comprehensive Planning Efforts, we will explore how to:

  • Develop and plan for purposeful growth
  • Ensure City services support quality of life: public safety, transportation, infrastructure, City workforce

The Ignite Foresight Hub will provide important information and potential strategies to help the community answer these questions.

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